Well, Hello!

Screw. drizzle.

I was driving today and I saw screwdriver in the middle-of-the-road. I thought to myself WOW, if I was with a friend and I told him “gosh I wish we could hang that floating shelf we just bought”, all we need is a screwdriver …….and then  (dun dun dun) […]

Hello Brain I hear you plus Gluten.

My brain just doesn’t stop lately. I can’t stop thinking about decisions and I’m constantly worrying. This is new for me. I usually stress, yes, but to have a consistency of feeling not the happiest and questioning everything is very unlike me. I usually put my balls to the […]

Condo’s and $$$$ problems

Fuck me and my stress. Why is spending money on stuff besides clothes and shoes so stressful and sad. Am I ready to be an adult and sacrifice my upgrade for a sea salt scrub and paraffin wax for a basic fuckin mani and pedi? Ew. I’m gonna be […]

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